Data Conversion

Data conversion is essential for all types of businesses. This will help an organization to carry on their business effectively. Data conversion is also known as translation of data. In data conversion, you will be able to translate the data from one format to another. This is a process where the data will be imported to a new database from an old system. There are different types of data conversion methods available in the market. However, we provide all types of data services to our potential clients and customers.

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Data conversion ranges from simple to complex procedure where the data must be imported, cleansed, validated as well as split up into multi tables. This process has to be done in a relational database structure. We provide comprehensive data conversion and data entry services to our clients. We have a rich pool of experienced team and the latest technologies such as high-speed data processors and scanners, which will convert the data from different formats within no time. Apart from just converting your files, our company will also ensure to meet the exact needs of our clients and customers through multilevel processes. We mainly focus on the technological innovations. We have the capacity and expertise to handle the most complex, con sensitive and time critical data conversion projects. Moreover, we can also help you with the appropriate conversion method, which is important for completing your work.

Some of the services are :

  • Conversion of data across various databases on different platforms
  • Data Conversion via Input / Output for almost any media
  • Data Conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets, and many other standard and custom-made software packages as per requirement.
  • Add / Remove / Change Record Delimiters
  • Convert Raw Data into MS Office
  • Text to PDF and PDF to Word
  • Data Compilation in PDF from Several Sources
  • E- Book Conversion
  • Conversion from Page maker to PDF format
  • Conversion from Word to HTML format
  • Conversion from Word to XML format
  • Conversion from Text to Word Perfect
  • Conversion from Text to Word to HTML and Acrobat Fine

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